Things that Health Insurance doesn’t cover in America

Life can become quite chaotic and distressing in just a few moments. Health being one of the top-most priorities of every human, taking precautionary step about your health can help you by leaps and bounds. While your health may depend on your financial situation, trying to making it better or at least taking wise decisions like buying a health insurance should be done. A health insurance can potentially become life-saving aspect, if you do it properly. Not everyone has the financial ability to undergo expensive medical treatments, which is why you should always consider about buying a health insurance for yourself and your family.

Things that Health Insurance doesn't cover in America
Things that Health Insurance doesn’t cover in America

Although, health insurance can help you by a great deal, it’s also important to know that not every medical expense can be covered by health insurance. It’s very important for you to know what gets covered by the health insurance policy and what doesn’t, so that you can properly plan everything about your health insurance. Although, a lot of general and usual health conditions are covered by health insurance, there are a few things that don’t get covered, which a lot of people are not knowledgeable of. Here’s a list of the things that your health insurance policy doesn’t cover:

  • Travel Vaccines: Not a lot of people are aware of the difference between general vaccines and travel vaccines. While, vaccines that you get for tetanus or flu fall under the general vaccine category, the vaccines you would require to take while going abroad such as vaccines for Typhoid or yellow fever come under travel vaccines. The general vaccines are covered by the insurance policy, but the travel vaccines are not covered by your insurance policy in America. So, make sure that you plan accordingly, in order to avoid any hiccups while traveling out of country.
  • Alternative Therapies: In the last two decades, a lot of people have been trying to go with alternative therapies such as Acupuncture rather than traditional treatments. While alternative therapies are not usually covered by the health insurance policies. But, there’s an exception for some situations though. For example, if you got off an accident and you’re advised by your doctor that you should go with a certain alternative therapy like Chiropractic treatment; such cases usually are covered by the health insurance policies. In case of a person consulting and visiting an alternative therapy center just because they feel well by doing so, such instances are not covered by the health insurance policies. So, make sure to analyze your situation and act accordingly.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: This aspect is somewhat similar to the alternative therapies, when it comes to the health insurance coverage. The coverage of cosmetic surgery under health insurance policy is completely subjective, depending on the situation. If you’re undergoing a cosmetic surgery such as a face lift, nose job, and similar others, just because you feel and look better, health insurance doesn’t cover your cosmetic surgery. But, if you’re required to take a cosmetic surgery, your cosmetic surgery gets covered by your health insurance policy. A good example for this is, people in some cases need to undergo reconstructive breast surgery after a mastectomy. Such instances are where you get covered by health insurance policy for your cosmetic surgery.
  • Weight Loss Surgery: The weight loss surgery, which is also known as Bariatric surgery is partially covered by health insurance policies. While, 23 states of the country require some type of health insurance coverage for weight loss surgeries, but there’s no federal rule for this aspect. Due to this phenomenon, some categories of weight loss surgeries are covered by health insurance policies, whereas some aren’t. In order to avoid any hurdles, you should consult your doctor and insurance policy provider to make sure if your weight loss surgery category is going to be covered by your health insurance policy or not.
  • Home care Nursing: To understand this category, first and foremost, you need to know that there are actually two types of nursing home care, which are Short-term nursing home care and Long-term nursing home care. The former usually gets covered by the health insurance policies, but that’s not the same with the latter. A short-term nursing home care is where you get affected by a medical condition and require nursing home care, usually through skilled nursing facilities or rehabilitative facilities, for shorter periods of time.
  • Out-of-network Doctors: This is actually a tricky situation where most of the people get confused about. Health insurance policies deal with a list of hospital which are labeled as their networks. Any types of health care you take from this network of hospitals are covered by your health insurance policy, except when the doctor that’s treating you is from a out-of-network hospital. So, make sure that you’re aware of this aspect and proceed accordingly.
  • LASIK: If you’re wondering what LASIK is, it’s a laser eye surgery that is performed to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. The LASIK surgery can be covered by your health insurance policy, if you’re able to prove that you need to undergo this surgery for your career purposes, let’s say military for example.

These are the prominent things that aren’t usually covered by health insurance policy in America. So, if you’re about to undergo any of the above-mentioned medical treatments, be aware of your situation and take the right alternative decisions.

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